Patrick May 26th, 2020

Mick Leslie, great bloke, great fireman and I’d forgotten till I’d seen the photos what a great smile he had too, and that deep chuckle he had. Memories of the fire brigade, watch night out in Birmingham and Mick getting the last train back to Coventry only to wake up in Northampton. Mick the unofficial painter and decorator of the fire station, he’d go from room to room but oddly the TV room always got decorated the week of the cricket test match. Winning the breathing apparatus competition and Chalkie allowing all the watch to open the bar and Mick, pint in hand singing along to Tina Turner ‘simply the best’ and you were the best Mick. A quiet man that who led by example and any fireman that served with Mick knows this, a proper fireman’s fireman. Pat.